Design and Fine Arts Education in Andhra Pradesh

Fine Arts is gradually becoming a mainstream course as students are gaining interest in it gradually. Many colleges and institutes in Andhra Pradesh offer four year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree course for those who have passed Plus two with any subject combination. For those who wish to do an advanced course can opt for a Masters in Fine Arts. The field focuses broadly on painting, sculpting, applied art, graphic design and mural design. You must have a creative streak and be able to learn and master various media to express your art.

Colleges usually organize annual art and design exhibitions that get a critical review from the public. Graduates from this field can join publishing houses, art studios, freelancing, etc. There is a majority of people who are self employed in this field and this enables them to work as per their choice. One can start working as a critic or an art specialist as well but this option would require some previous experience in the field and some hands on job which exposes you to art so that you later have the option of knowing what you are criticizing or commenting on. 

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