Profile of Andhra Pradesh Education

Andhra Pradesh is one of the important states for higher education in India. With a literacy rate of more than 70%, Andhra Pradesh is one of country’s most educated states.  Andhra Pradesh is home to a number of schools which are affiliated to ICSE, CBSE and the state board.

School Education of Andhra Pradesh

The school education of Andhra Pradesh is very strong and almost all students are required to study the official language Telugu. Andhra Pradesh also boasts of free primary education. Though it boasts of some of the best schools in the country, the government still strives for improving the basic education of the state. The launch of various policies and initiatives of the state government has resulted in the establishment of several new schools which will impart quality education. 

Higher Education in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one of the most sought after destination for pursuing higher studies especially technical education and engineering. Students from all over India flock to this South Indian state to enroll in engineering courses and other research courses. It is home to some of the best institutes and universities like Indian Institute of Management IIM-Visakhapatnam and IIT Tirupati.

Here are exclusive details about Education Opportunities in Andhra Pradesh.

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