Sri Venkateswara Vedic University

Founded in 2006, Sri Venkateswara Vedic University was envisaged to eminently promote Vedic knowledge through systematic dissemination of information by the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh Shri Rameshwar Thakur.

This resulted in the foundation of Sri Venkateswara Vedic University by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams who decided to fund it and which is committed to Sanatana Hindu Dharmam with the following objectives:


  • to preserve, foster and promote oral traditions of Vedic, Agamic and Cognate Literature, with focus on right intonations
  • to conduct research and propagate the relevance of knowledge system and the wisdom contained in the Vedic Literature for meeting the challenges of life in the technology driven contemporary society
  • to bring out the profoundness of the rational approach and the scientific temper, presented in the Vedas in the context of pursuit of knowledge and realization of higher levels of consciousness
  • to consolidate, revive and promote the Vedic learning and Sanskrit study so as to integrate the scientific thought contained in the Vedas particularly in the disciplines of mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, meteorology, chemistry, metallurgy, yoga, humanities, social sciences and management with the modern scientific and technological studies, so that through integration of Vedic and Scientific concepts advancement of scientific knowledge can be facilitated
  • to bring out awareness about the authentic interpretation of the Vedas in India and Abroad, facilitating proper understanding of richness of the rational approach to life and scientific temper presented in the Vedic knowledge system
  • to create a network of Vedic, Sanskrit and other academic Institutions with reciprocal arrangement and facilities for interaction with a view to fostering a synergy of efforts to propagate the Vedic Wisdom in the contemporary society
  • to publish all the Vedas and related texts, Bhashyas and commentaries in all Indian scripts
  • to create a body of literature in Modern Indian Languages on the contents of the Vedas
  • to translate the Vedas and Bhashyas in all Modern Indian Languages and publish
  • to build up Audio and Audio-visual records of Vedic chanting and various rituals
  • to prepare various kinds of tools, such charts, diagrams and pictures of various kinds of rituals as a measure of preservation and to digitize and computerize the Vedas and develop required software for various purposes

Faculties of Sri Venkateswara Vedic University

The University wants to produce comprehensive Vedic Scholars, who understand the Mantras they recite. With this intention, the Vedic University has started degree and PG courses in Veda Bhashya.

At present, there are four faculties, viz., namely faculty of Veda Adhyayana, faculty of Agamadhyana, faculty of Paurohityadhyanana and faculty of Veda Bhashyadhyayana. Presently, the University is offering three year Sastri Course (graduation) and two year Acharya Course (post-graduation) in the following subjects:-

Faculty of Veda Adhyayana
  • Department of Rigveda
  • Department of Krishna Yajurveda
  • Department of Suklayajurveda 
  • Department of Samaveda (Ranayaniya) 
Faculty of Agama Adhyayana
  • Department of Vaikhanasagama
  • Department of Pancharathragama
  • Department of Saivagama
Faculty of Paurohitya Adhyayana
  • Department of Asvalayana Paurohitya
  • Department of Apastambiya Paurohitya
  • Department of Vaikhanasa Paurohitya
  • Department of Paraskara Paurohitya
Faculty of Vedabhashya
  • Department of Rigvedabhashya
  • Department of Krishnayajurveda Bhashya
  • Department of Suklayajurvedabhashya (Kanva) 
  • Department of Suklayajurvedabhashya (Madhyandina) 
  • Department of Samavedabhashya
  • Department of Atharvavedabhashya

Academic Programs in Vedic University

Vedic University is offering the following research programmes:
  • Visishthacharya (M.Phil)
  • Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D)
Traditional Regular Course 
  • Sastri (BA)
  • Acharya (MA)
  • Visistacharya (M.Phil)
  • Vidyavaradhi (Ph.D)
Modern Regular Courses 
  • B.A, B.Sc. and M.A
  • Part-time courses 
  • PG Diploma
  • Diploma
  • Certificate Courses

Admission in Sri Venkateswara Vedic University

Sri Venkateswara Vedic University conducts an entrance exam to shortlist aspirants for admission. However for some courses like, Visistacharya Course (MPhil-Regular), after clearing the entrance exam, aspirants also need to appear for interview/group discussion round.

Veda Darshini Journal 

The Scientific concepts prevailing in Vedic Literature need to be taken to the masses, so that the benefits of the Vedas, the world's most ancient literature can be studied by all. Veda Darshini Journal is one such effort from the University that helps to unearth Vedic values, morals and concepts.

Contact Details

S.V. Vedic University
Alipiri-Chandragiri Bypass Road,
Tirupati - 517502.

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